Olive Oil and Lemon Egg Noodle Pasta

Okay.. if you love pasta, you must try this recipe. This recipe is a different take on your basic tomato sauce pasta. It's much more light, fresh and in my opinion when its made right - more flavourful! I used egg noodles instead of wheat since its higher in protein than regular pasta. The texture is so smooth - literally my all time favourite pasta. Egg noodles can be found at most grocery stores in the pasta isle. Pasta is one meal I like to eat a few times a week since it's so simple to whip up, within a matter of 15-20 minutes. I also like the fact I can always adjust it to my own needs and make it a higher calorie meal for my weight gain goals. You can adjust this recipe to less oil

Super Simple Vegan Burrito Bowl

Have you ever had a vegan meal that made you ask yourself.. 'why aren't I vegan?" Okay.. maybe you aren't in love with plant based food as much as I am but theres something about eating a vegan meal that just feels RIGHT. I've had many vegan burrito bowl style meals before made in amazing delicious restaurants, but let me tell you.. my super simple recipe stands up to all of them! The key is to pack it with different vegetables, but vegetables that tastes good together and balance each other out. You know what I mean? What's so great about this recipe is that all the ingredients you probably already have at home in your pantry! Give this recipe a go for yourself and let me know what you thi






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