NEW Training Program 


The Home Fit Build and Burn Program is a newly released 8 week Full Body training program created by Miss Emma Troupe!

HFP focuses on sculpting a Strong Sexy Full Body Physique by science proven, EXCITING and DIFFERENT workouts all in the comfort of your own home!



Equipment required:

- dumbell's

- resistance band (long and mini booty band)

- bench / or step 

- medicine ball (any ball will work)

- you and your BODY 


This program is for women who want too:


- Sculpt a strong and sexy physique with exciting and fun full body / muscle split workouts in the comfort of your own home.

- Build sexy muscle in the lower body, upper body and core.

- Sculpt curvy well shaped glute muscles.

- Burn unhealthy body fat around the stomach, love handles, legs and underarms. 

- Become more comfortable & confident in your day to day lifestyle.

- Suitable for all bodies! Includes guidelines on how to use the program for either Weight Loss, Weight Gain or Body Recomposition.




- 4 x per week / workouts last 30 mins - 1 hour.

- Full body, muscle split and conditioning workouts.

- Video demonstation for every exercise.

- 5 + 10 minute glute activation (isolation) circuits to use before the workouts.

- Additional conditioning and core circuits are included and can be used on rest days.





- Tips on what to eat over the 8 weeks.

- Nutrition recommendations to use throughout the program.

- Macro nutrient guidelines to use in your daily meals.



Access to the Miss Emma Community page:

This page provides confidence, support and advice from likeminded women to help you stay committed over the 8 weeks and in the future!



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    Questions? Feel free to ask through the contact page.

    Home Fit Build and Burn Program

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