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Below is your program Recovery & Stretching Routine. On top of your workouts I encourage you to spend 10-15 minutes a few times a week stretching to work on your mobility and flexibility. Not only will you become more mobile with your daily movements (like sitting up and down) but it will encourage muscle recovery by allowing your muscles to stretch, open up and create space in tight spots in your body.

The stretches provided below will help increase your overall mobility, help with your flexibility and improve your range of motion to perform your movements more effectively.

Mobility: Movement of the Joints / Goal: become more mobile

Flexibility: Lengthening / Stretching of the Muscles / Goal: become more flexible

Range of Motion: Range of your Mobility / Goal: have deeper range of motion

Upper Body Recovery & Stretches

- Pick 2-3 stretches below as your Upper Body routine

- Perform each movement for 30 seconds - 45 seconds and repeat twice or up to three times

- Combine the Upper Body recovery stretches with the Lower Body to build a Full Body routine 

- Alternate movements throughout the week give your body a variety of stretches