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My tips and guidelines as a trainer how to grow your glutes (rest, training + nutrition)

A linked YouTube video with 5 of my favourite exercises to grow the glutes without building bulky muscle in the lower body!

Building a booty doesn't happen overnight. It comes with hard work, consistency and patience! A year ago when it came to booty building, I thought I knew what I was doing, I thought I was building the booty I always dreamed of. But months and months past and I wasn't noticing significant results. Turns out I didn't really know how to properly train my glutes.

Pushing myself endlessly at the gym and not gaining any real results... I became dedicated and determined to learn how to properly train my glutes so I could build a big round booty! That may sound a little superficial but I've always been a small girl, so developing glutes was a real goal of mine.

Many girls or guys out there feel the exact same way when it comes to building their booty, they may not know how to properly engage or the tricks and tips that come along with building muscle. This post is dedicated to those women or men out there who want to build their booty and need to few pointers how to. I broke it up into PART 1 & (NUTRITION pt. 1 & FITNESS pt. 2) for an easier read xo.



Nutrition = 70% - Exercise = 30%


You don't necessarily need to be in a caloric surplus all the time (eat more calories then you normally would) to build muscle and gain a booty. I eat mostly plant based and eating a large amount of clean calories can be difficult - so I'm not always eating at a surplus.

What's important is that you are not limiting yourself to calories, especially on the days that you are training. On training days you need to be feeding and fuelling your muscles, since you have technically slightly "damaged "them during your workout - you cannot limit yourself to calories and expect your muscles to grow! Makes sense right?

Tip: On rest days you don't need to be eating as much as you would on training days.

Second, when and what you choose to eat will play a large factor in your muscle growth (nutrient timing) For example... if you wait 4-5 hours to eat a meal after your workout, you are going to be depriving your muscles of necessary fuel which will stunt the growth/build process. If you eat 45 minutes-1 hour after your workout, you are going to fuel your muscles to stimulate the growth/build process. The same goes with all of your other meals.. don't deprive yourself from food if you are hungry - your muscles can't be deprived to grow!

Now some of you may be asking what about a protein shake?

Absolutely a protein shake can be had instead of an immediate meal after your workout BUT I would still make sure you are getting in a meal 1-2 hours after that shake. Fuel your muscles!! Don't deprive them.


I know theres a lot of hype about protein, eat your protein, get your protein, protein gains etc. Protein repairs our muscles and also builds lean muscle mass but don't forget about those carbs! Carbohydrates play a huge role in muscle growth.

The body needs protein and carbohydrates together to build muscle not just one or the other. Carbs actually repair, build and refuel our muscles just like protein does. Truth is many people avoid carbohydrates because of the bad wrap about them, but there is a huge difference from a good source of carbs and a bad source! Refined and processed carbohydrates quickly spike our insulin and blood sugar levels which can stunt your muscle growth and actually increase fat. Complex carbohydrates like oats, vegetables, beans etc. are a healthier source and better choice of fuel for your muscles.

These nutrients are necessary to build lean muscle and grow your booty, not to mention building muscle fights off unwanted fat!




Nutrition = 70% - Exercise = 30%


Glutes are a hard muscle to grow! Especially for some people, like myself who have a naturally small body frame. And these days it seems everyone is a booty building professional :') haha but when it comes down to it there is a science behind exercise and using this science is how you can get the best possible workouts and GLUTE GAINS!

Every body is different, which means some training styles may not be best for everyone! This is why its great to try new exercises I find what works best for your body. But there are a few exercises that are KEY to preform on a daily/weekly basis when growing glutes.

I go in depth about some of my favourite exercises in my most recent YouTube video attached to this post! Watch the video if you are looking for more information about the exercises and how I split my workouts. Besides watching the video there are a few more booty building tips I want to share with you.

- While your training your glutes, always make sure to keep good form and are lifting a challenging weight (you don't need to be lifting heavy but you also don't need to be lifting a 10 lb barbell which in the end won't be doing much for your muscle growth)

- Incorporate isolation exercises (single leg hip thrust, squat walks, etc.) and compound movements (squats, leg press, deadlifts). Give a mix of both! Don't limit yourself to one and only one type of exercise.. this is usually when a plateau sets in and you stop seeing results!

You are going to notice muscle gains overall in your lower body when training your glutes, this is because your back, quads and hamstrings are the supporting muscles for your glutes and they will be slightly engaged while you are preforming gluten dominant exercises! It's basically impossible to build a booty without adding some muscle to your legs. No fret, your new glute gains are going to shine through!!


Ahhhh rest! Isn't it a marvellous thing? Lucky for us our muscles need REST to GROW! So take advantage of your rest days and your sleeps! 8-9 hours a night after training and 24-48 hours in between an intense workout is ideal for muscle growth!

When we are exercising we are actually creating tiny micro-tears in our muscle. These tears WILL NOT be able to grow and repair without REST! I talk more about rest/stretching and why they are both important so important when growing glute muscles.

I hope you all enjoyed this post/video and learned something new! XO

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