Are You Suffering From Joint Pain? Genuine Health joint care+ and pain relief+ Review

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I've had the opportunity to test Genuine Health's Joint Care and Pain Relief products!

If you've read some of my previous blog posts you would have came across that I've mentioned I work in a health supplement and food store as a product specialist.

When these products first arrived in the store, I was thrilled to see such an amazing formula of ingredients!

I don't believe supplements should be used to replace food and nutrients in our diet. BUT there are so many great options for pain relief and joint care.

As someone who lives an active lifestyle the health of my joints and muscles is extremely important to me! When treating pain and inflammation it is critical to heal your body from the inside out with natural ingredients.

The problem with over the counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications is they can possibly negatively effect your body and organs in the long run.

If at any time, my joints or muscles are stiff or in pain these are the products I would reach for. Forget the Advil!


Inflammation can often stick around and prevent your body from healing itself!

Genuine Health created their line of joint care+ and pain relief+ products for effective and fast relief from joint inflammation and pain!

One if the main ingredients is a special formula called Biovaflex. The Biovaflex formula uses the natural power of.. Egg Shell Membrane, Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Elastin and Collagen to feed the nutrients critical for joint health, improve mobility and range of motion due to joint pain and joint stiffness! Amazing right?

Genuine Health pain relief+

Designed specifically to help with overall pain, arthritic pain and inflammation! Naturally using herbs and Biovaflex egg shell membrane.

Genuine Health joint care+

Designed specifically to help with joint and inflammation! Naturally using Biovaflex egg shell membrane and fermented turmeric as an anti inflammatory.

What do I use?

My personal favourite is fast joint care+ with fermented turmeric.

Genuine Health uses fermented turmeric for the best absorption possible with their Biovaflex formula.

I personally don't suffer from arthritis or any sever pain BUT overtime lifting weights can put stress on the joint and cause inflammation! I live an active lifestyle and go to the gym regularly, so I have suffered from joint stiffness and pain.

I've noticed that my joints don't feel nearly as stiff and they feel stronger only within a few days.

My mother is just started the fast arthritis pain relief+, I can't wait to watch her results as well. I would highly recommend you check out the Genuine Health website and their pain relief products if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis.

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