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Build a Buddha Bowl

Get yo Buddha on! Okay, but really what is a Buddha Bowl?

This is an all mighty buddha bowl...

A bowl filled with a delicious and nutritious variety of foods! A perfect way to eat a high volume of nutrients and eat your favourite fresh foods.

I make these buddha bowls often since they can we whipped up fast with leftovers and there isn't a specific recipe or way to make it.

You can choose colourful foods and use whatever you have available:

- lots of vegetables

- quinoa or rice is always a great choice for some density

- pick a source of protein

- make a dressing


For the picture above I used:

- baby kale and spinach salad mix

- quinoa flavoured with turmeric (combined with chickpeas for vegan protein)

- chickpeas

- tomatoes

- zucchini noodles

- roasted cauliflower

- shredded carrot and shredded beets

- micro greens

- hemp hearts

I used a mini food processor to make a creamy fresh avocado and hummus dressing to go on top and it was the perfect combination!

Happy Buddha Bowl Building xo

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