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Full Body & Glute Program (Home or Gym)

6 week Full Body & Glute focused Progressive Workout Program. Designed to sculpt your entire body, build / tone the glute muscles and have you feeling more confident in your body and fitness abilities!


PREVIOUSLY THE ULTIMATE 6 WEEK CHALLENGE where a team of women participated in the 6 week program. I'm offering it to everyone since there was such great success with the team. Head to the Transformations page for success journeys from the Challenge!


This program is for people who want to: 


  • Sculpt a strong and sexy physique whether your training from the gym or at home
  • Build muscle and overall strength in all 3 regions of the glutes
  • Burn unhealthy body fat
  • Become more knowledagble with weightlifting
  • Learn new movements, perfect basic movements and work on proper form and technique! 


What's Included:


  • 6 week Program (30+ workouts provided, 6 week Calender Included)
  • Exciting Full Body, Glute Focused and Muscle Split Workouts to help you with your fitness needs and goals
  • Both HOME and GYM options for every exercise
    learn how to easily subsitute a gym based exercise right in your home!
  • Video Demonstrations for every exercise
    video links will guide you through each workout with proper execution and to help your own fitness knowledge
  • 4 - 5 workouts per week, workouts can be completed within 30 - 45 minutes
  • 1 HIIT Circuit per week to improve your Cardiovascular System
  • Stretching and Recovery Routines Provided
  • Glute Activation Circuits Provided
  • Optional Mini Workouts / Circuits to use on rest days to compliment the weekly schedule
  • 60+ pages of endless Fitness & Nutrition guidance to help you succeed!



  • How to use the program for Building Muscle (Toning Up), Weight Loss (Burning Fat) or Weight Gain (Bulking) to help YOU succeed and progress no matter your goals!
  • How to use Progressive Overload to build overall strength and make serious physique changes!
  • Professional Nutrition and Training Guidance from Registered Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and Personal Trainer
  • Access to Online Program Members Area and Private Facebook Community Support Group where questions are asked & motivation and support is always being shared - we are a family here!


Questions? Feel free to ask through the contact page.

Full Body & Glute Program (Home or Gym)

  • PDF

    Download and Save to your Phone for Lifetime Access!


    Home Equipment: if you're using the program at home all you will need is your bodyweight, a set of weights, resistance bands, booty band (optional) and a riser is sometimes used. 




    Gym Equipment: if you're using the program at the gym you will need access to basic gym equipment like free weights, smith machine, cables and sometimes stationary machines. 

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