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Summer Shred Challenge


I can't believe how many new exercises I got to learn and got comfortable with. I can't believe how much stronger I feel physically, and the most importantly, mentally! As I mentioned in the questions, workout always has been my coping mechanism for anxiety and stress. I always felt proud and good after my own workouts but with yours, I felt amazing! 

Summer Shred Challenge


My body composition has changed tremendously over these 4 weeks, almost every person I come in contact with that knows me has complimented on how fit and happy I look lately. My fav aspect of the challenge was the level of support with all the other women doing it. We were all there for each other lifting each other up and it’s just awesome to see women doing that on any level.

Summer Shred Challenge


I can’t express enough how much I loved this challenge - it checked all of the boxes for me, boxes I didn’t even know I longed for. It actually shifted my mentality of checking the boxes when at the gym to just loving to workout, it no longer feels like a set of exercises or a task - it’s just a lifestyle. PLUS what I see as most important my confidence and happiness with myself.

Summer Shred Challenge


I can't believe the results I got! Mentally, I've been so motivated to continue going to the gym and exercising. It's something I actually look forward to doing. I also have found my comparison game is on an all-time low and I'm SO thankful!

It felt super manageable and achievable and now I just want to keep going! The full body workouts really helped my chronic pain subside. 

New Year Fit Challenge

Sandy Y

It was challenging and brought results that are mind blowing to me and all the girls I saw who posted their results on the facebook community page.

It's almost too hard to pick just one top favourite aspect of the challenge because as a whole combined it was a perfect balance to what a challenge should bring! I am loving my new found confidence from doing the program and that comes from everything involved!

New Year Fit Challenge

Amanda S

I want to thank you so very much for changing my relationship with the gym and myself, for the first time EVER I am seeing some muscle definition. I am gaining strength. Yesterday I managed to squat 50kg after only being able to use the bar at the start of these 8 weeks!

New Year Fit Challenge

Caroline C

I've really enjoyed the community page. I think it's awesome to see all those girls supporting each other and it's also a great source of motivation and accountability. I have also enjoyed the weekly emails because, again, I feel like its another way of being held accountable. I've loved the workouts and I've loved being able to push my body to new limits every week and just feeling fitter in general.

Glute Guide

Allie R

On Monday I started the 8 week leg and glute workout - and was insanely sore for three days. I had to put off my second workout of the week to fully recover from Monday! Absolutely love how easy it is to follow that guide and how it is broken up + your videos for how to perform the moves. Thanks for putting together a serious butt kickin' program and I'm so excited to see the progression, and more sore days! 

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