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Guide to Better Digestion

Digestion Healing Guide & Protocol
Created by Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Miss Emma Troupe (CNP)

Are you ready to get your digestion BACK ON TRACK?
This guide will teach you exactly how to get your digestive system in tip top shape through lifestyle, supplement and nutrition recommendations. 



Repair your digestive system through holistic diet changes, natural supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Rebuild your digestive system through a Digestion Healing Protocol. Learn the importance of different factors (good/bad) that have an effect on digestion. 


Improve potential malabsorption (not absorbing nutrients from what you eat), leaky guy, digestive bacteria overgrowth and low stomach acid levels.

Reduce bloating, gas and other digestive disturbances that you may deal with on a daily basis.

Focus on your eating habits, from eating less processed to more whole foods.

BOOST the overall health of your digestive system.

What You'll Learn:

  • Daily and Nutrition Guidelines for Improved Digestion and Rebuilding the Digestive System
  • Digestive Healing Protocol (Supplemental Protocol from Registered Holistic Nutritionist (CNP))
  • Gut Healing Recipes & Quick Pain Reliefs
  • Lifestyle Adjustments for Better Digestion
  • Extra's (Links between Immunity, Skin health, etc.)


Reduce bloating, gas and digestive disturbances with the Digestion Healing Guide!


Guide to Better Digestion

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