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Exercising/Lifestyle: Finding the Balance

Women = Multi-taskers!

The ideal life (for me at least) would be to wake up at 6 am everyday, fully rested, energized ready for whatever the day has planned for me! Sadly for many of us that is not how works. Sometimes we go to bed with over hundreds of thoughts or images running through our mind that disrupts us from getting a proper sleep! We wake up feeling not fully rested, tired and weak, not ready to get out of bed and laying there thinking how am I going to be able to get through this day? Sometimes I wake up feeling like how am I going to be able to get through this lecture, study for this test, and get this assignment handed in on time PLUS be able to squeeze a workout in or make sure I am eating right?

We all have our own lifestyles, and we try our best to balance them and sometimes it can be difficult or feel near impossible. This post is some advice of how you can find it either to balance school and exercise!


1st Step: REST

Getting enough sleep is so important for giving your mind and body time to relax, shut out the world and have time to properly rest after what you accomplished that day. You should wake up and feel like you can take on anything! Aim to be in bed for 10-11pm. Aim to be awake by 7 am. Really, this sleeping pattern is the best! You feel like you have had the best sleep of your life! In Ayurvedic traditions this is the proper sleeping time. Giving yourself 8-9 hours is ideal! If we didn't sleep, our bodies wouldn't function the way they do. We produce a hormone when we sleep called melatonin and we only produce it every 24 hours and only in the dark. Pretty cool! Having that hormone makes us get a full rest that will give us energy for the day ahead. Turn any bright lights off (like your ceiling light, cell phone, computer etc. ) to increase the production of melatonin to increase the benefit of your sleep!


2nd Step: BALANCE

Students, we all know how hard it can be to get up for school.. to use your brain to its best abilities! Be proud of what you are studying and what you will do to make a difference. Dedicate an hour after school to exercise. After using your intelligent brain for so long it needs time to rest and stop thinking about what it just learnt throughout that whole hour. Giving yourself a break after school will keep you sane!! Dedicate this time to improve yourself by exercising and achieving a fit and healthy body!

What I've learned about balancing lifestyles is to never give up and give yourself rest. Pushing yourself everyday to your extreme limits may feel alright at first, but it can and will have effects on your body! Mentally and physically. That's where the word balance comes in.


Here are a few more tips!

Plan days for studying - Plan days for exercising Set fitness goals Set education goals Make time for exercise when you can Make it enjoyable and most of all try your best

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