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Fruity Breakfast Rolls

Level: Medium - Length: 15 minutes - Servings: 2


These a so delicious, my family loved them when I made a few of these for them on valentines day! I found the recipe online and tweaked it a little bit.


- 2 egg whites - 1/3 cup whole wheat flour - 1/3 cup Greek yogurt - 1/4 tsp baking powder - Pinch of cinnamon - Fruit of choice Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Heat a pan low-medium (not super hot), with a tiny bit of butter. Pour mix into the pan like a crepe. If it is thick like a pancake, flatten it out with a wooden spoon a bit. Or it wont roll right! Start to cook, once the top firms, place fruit in a line through the middle of mix. Top with cinnamon. ift up the edges with a spatula a little bit, and roll it so it makes a little wrap. Let cook for a few more minutes! Serve with maple syrup, honey or peanut butter :) I put banana and raspberries in mine!

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