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Genuine Health fermented proteins+ Review

Fermentation for Digestive Health!

​Genuine Health has a whole line of delicious and nutritious fermented protein products that improve your health and digestive system. These products are specifically designed for your body to get the most out of in terms of nutrients. They use premium quality, low allergen, high protein ingredients and powerful superfoods. Not to mention, they have vegan options and all fermented products are gluten and soy free! There aren't many fermented protein and greens products on the market. Genuine Health being one of the top company's, they call themselves the fermentation experts. I'm going to share with you the importance of fermented foods, the amazing benefits you receive from these products, my favorites and why I personally love and use them! ​#LoveHowYouFeel #FermentationExperts #LoveYourGut #Ambassador


What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is a process in which requires, food, probiotic cultures (bacteria), a carefully controlled environment and a certain amount of time. The food is exposed to the bacteria, the bacteria ferments the food then stopped at the right time. Fermented foods shouldn't be cooked, raw is better! (cooking kills off the good bacteria)


Why is Fermentation Important?

Eating fermented foods will improve your overall health and the strength of your digestive system! Unfortunately, many people have a weak or compromised digestive system which leaves them not absorbing important macro and micro nutrients for optimal health. Fermentation increases the value of the food and amplifies the nutrient profile so your body can get more benefits from it! Fermented foods are perfect for anyone who suffers from a compromised digestive system. They can help by reducing inflammation, increasing the good bacteria in the gut and protects the gut lining. Your food is only as good as what you can get out of it, right? ​​Digestion is one of the most important systems in the body - having a clean digestive system is doesn't only make your tummy feel good but improves the health of your entire body. A clean digestive system is the key to optimal health! You can drastically digest and absorb more with fermented supplements and foods, try for yourself!


The Benefits of Fermentation

DIGEST MORE Helps with the digestion process of macro and micro nutrients ​Protects the digestive system ABSORB & NOURISH MORE ​Helps with the absorption of nutrients ​Amplifies the nutrient content ​Supports the immune system


fermented vegan proteins+ Vegan protein powder is included in my daily regimen. Whether I'm leaving the gym or on the go, plant based protein is always in my hand! This amazing protein powder is vegan, soy & gluten free and uses non genetically modified ingredients.​One of my favorite parts about this protein are the ingredients. Like other brands, rather then having the protein come from one source, it comes from 7 different plant based sources. Like quinoa protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein etc. This means you are going to be exposed to more nutrients! ​What more could you ask for from a protein powder? 20 G of protein per serving, no grainy texture and seriously so delicious!


fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+

This is one seriously packed nutritious fermented food supplement! Genuine Health whole body Nutrition with greens+ is alkalizing and nutritious greens+ plus the benefit of added vegan protein. ​2 IN 1! The greens+ help balance pH by keeping the blood and tissues alkaline, improves energy & vitality, while the protein supplies you with your adequate needs! I love to add a scoop to my smoothie mix or simply in some water when I need a nutritious, nutrient dense boost! My favorite flavor is Natural Acai Mango. This product is also gluten & soy free, made with non genetically modified ingredients and vegan.


fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+

Finally, a whey protein powder that I can digest without any bloating or heavy feeling afterwards! Whey can get caught and have problems digesting in the digestive system so I usually avoid it and stick to plant based protein. BUT have you ever heard of Greek yogurt protein? Well Genuine Health makes quite a delicious and nutritious fermented protein powder out of GREEK YOGURT. How cool! The fermentation process helps with the break down and absorption of the Greek yogurt protein, which leaves my tummy feeling great. I love the idea of fermented whey protein for digestive health and I love the way I feel after having a scoop! My favorite flavor is natural vanilla.


fermented proteins+ bars

Ahhh, one my new favorite protein bars! ​I don't eat protein bars often so I was a little hesitant to try a fermented protein bar. I shouldn't of been hesitant because they are the best protein bars I've ever had! ​You know how some bars can be overly sweet and filled with artificial ingredients? Well, these bars are the complete opposite! ​They taste like real food! Sweetened with stevia, a good fiber to protein ratio and not to mention they taste seriously amazing. The bars come made with the fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ or the fermented vegan proteins+ which is awesome to have 2 different choices. ​I love the vegan bars especially the peanut butter & chocolate!


Fermented Protein Bites Recipe

A delicious, nutritious, protein packed recipe using the fermented GREEK YOGURT proteins+ ​that can be made in under 10 minutes!


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