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Goji & Avocado Salad

Level: Easy - Length: 10 minutes - Servings: 1


It happens to all of us...

The weekend is done and you just realized how bad you ate all weekend, I think we all say to ourselves "I just need a huge bowl of salad!" Its inevitable when we are eating down the wrong path for too long our bodies will eventually tell us GIVE ME SOMETHING HEALTHY! When you stay motivated to eat on the right path your body will no longer cry out for junk food. RECIPE - Spinach - Avocado - Dried Goji Berries - Feta Cheese - Baby Tomatoes - Walnuts - Hemp Hearts - Dressing: Olive oil & balsamic vinegar Wash spinach and have it dried before eating. Wash and slice baby tomatoes. Slice avocado into however you wish. Put spinach in bowl with sliced avocado and tomatoes. Top with feta cheese, walnuts, hemp hearts and goji berries.Pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar overtop. Enjoy!

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