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Making a Smoothie Bowl

Level: Easy - Length: 15 minutes - Servings: 1


Who doesn't love smoothie bowls!? Being able to eat your smoothie in a bowl with delicious crunch and frsh toppings seems to make everyone happy! Well let me tell you that they are fun to make, will turn into a stunning master piece and they are fun to eat! I always choose a few of my most favorite ingredients to go onto my smoothie bowl! My favorite soothie bowl toppings are... ​- Fresh fruit (berries, banana, peaches, grapes) ​- Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds ​- Almonds and walnuts ​- Hemp hearts ​- Chia seeds ​- Ground flax


Lets start creating!

- Blend frozen fruit of your choice in a blender until it is completed blended. ​Using frozen fruit is important, it will have a smooth tick texture which will hold the toppings without falling to the bottom of the bowl! - Pour the smoothie into a bowl and put it in the fridge while you prepare your toppings. - Cut up desired fruit and get a few tablespoons of your favorite nuts and seeds and set them aside. - Once your bowl has chilled for a few minutes, top your smoothie with your toppings, sit back and enjoy!

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