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Why I put Pumpkin Seeds on Everything I Eat

These seeds are packed with endless health benefits!

Why do I put pumpkin seeds on most of my meals? Pumpkin seeds are amazing little beauties! They are nutrient dense, contain amino acids like tryptophan, full of healthy fats, fiber and antioxidants. I could go on forever about the health benefits. ​They are packed with certain vitamins and minerals. Especially high in minerals like Magnesium and Zinc. Magnesium is my favorite mineral ever! It is used for hundreds of enzymatic reactions in the body from: ​- neuromuscular functions ​- metabolism of food ​- pumping of the heart - synthesis of fatty acids & protein - bowel function and so much more Zinc is also an amazing mineral, it supports immunity, cell growth and division, insulin regulation and eye & skin health. ​The antioxidants in pumpkin seeds are very important. Antioxidants also support immunity by fighting off free radicals and promote regeneration within the body and cells.

There are so many benefits from eating pumpkin seeds, that's why I love to add them to most of my meals! A simple, quick and super healthy topping that will complete all my meals. What could be better?

Pumpkin seeds also contain properties that have the ability to fight off parasites and candida. ​First off, I want to recommend if you are going purchase pumpkin seeds.. get them raw and un-salted. As pure as you can. Raw nuts and seeds that haven't been roasted or highly processed will have less benefits, heat denatures the beneficial properties! Second, they are great to add to your snacks and meals for everyone in the family! They are easily digestible (when properly chewed) and don't cause many sensitivities.

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