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Favorites Sources of Vegan Protein

Why choose plant based protein?

​There are endless benefits that come from avoiding meat and choosing plant based sources of protein. I have chosen to eat plant based 75% of the time after experiencing the beneficial side effects and also for the animals and environment.



Reducing the amount of meat you eat can have a drastic impact on the environment! ​The average meat loving American eats tons of pounds of beef every year. There are over 65 million people in America. Could you imagine how many animals are being slaughtered everyday? So many that they cant keep up with demands and they animals have to live in brutal living conditions. Therefore the animals have to be fed anti-biotics so they don't die from disease and hormones so the meat packaging factories can get more bang for their buck when then produce the meat. Absolutely awful! Not to mention, our population is noticing a resistance to anti-biotics when prescribed by a doctor or practitioner. This is detrimental for certain health concerns! Could this be from the amount of anti-biotics we are exposed to in our food? Many think so.


Meat is very acidic to the body and tissues and can cause congestion within the digestive tract. Speaking of acidic, disease can occur in an acidic environment. Sticking to an alkaline diet is best for your health! I choose to eat plant based 75% of the time mainly because I find it so much better to digest. I always got bloated and felt very tired after eating meat, especially red meat. Slowly cutting it out and choosing plant based protein sources has drastically improved my overall digestive health.


Plant based protein is packed with phyto-nutrients that have disease fighting properties, are mostly alkaline which helps reduce inflammation, reduce stress, improves the overall health of your blood and tissues, digestive tract and skin! ​I like to use plant based protein at every meal to make sure I'm hitting all protein and amino acid marks! Whether it's hemp hearts or quinoa you can always squeeze it in to your meal for some extra protein, nutrients an added benefits. My favorite sources of plant based protein are posted below!


Hemp Hearts

Amount: 3 tablespoons ​Protein (g): 10-11 ​My favorite brand is Manitoba Harvest!

Chia Seeds

Amount: 3 tablespoons ​Protein (g): 6-7


Amount: 1 cup Protein (g): 18

Black Beans

​Amount: 1 cup Protein (g): 15


​​Amount: 1 cup ​Protein (g): 8-10 g

Nut Butters

Amount: 1 tablespoon Protein (g): 3-4 ​Always choose organic!


Amount: 1 cup Protein (g): 14


Amount: 1 cup Protein (g): 30 Always choose organic!


My Top 3 Plant Based Protein Bars:

Genuine Health - Fermented Vegan Protein Bar Vega - Vegan ONE & SPORT Bar Progressive - Vege Greens Protein Bar

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