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How to Stay Motivated

Have you ever made a fitness plan or stuck with a diet for a few days then quit?


If this is you, I hope you read this post! We've all been there... I know I have! You get super motivated to go to exercise, plan to eat super healthy, stick to your routine for a few days and then all of a sudden you hit this wall of "I don't want to do it today". Finding the motivation to stick to your fitness and nutrition plan can be hard and is sometimes the last thing people want to do on top of their busy & stressful lifestyles. ​So how do you find the motivation? For me, they key is to find my release from stress and to find the enjoyment in exercising and eating well.


​Here are 5 ways to help you stay motivated!


​Take a day to rest from any intense exercise. Our bodies can overdue it without giving any warning signals, this may be why when you wake up one morning you feel like you have no motivation or like you don't want to move! ​You may need a day to rest so your body can gather up the motivation again. ​Use the time to rest to rejuvenate your body, and make a motivation plan. ​Think of your favorite exercises, your favorite healthy meals and prepare to accomplish them after your rest day. Plan how your week will look like from exercise, nutrition, water intake and sleep! Get motivated by your plan :) ​Our bodies need rest to be functioning 100% and be at their top performance. So listen to your body and rest to get strong & healthy! 2. SET GOALS

Setting goals is KEY. Start with simple goals and then work your way up to the larger goals! For example, you could start with..

​GOAL 1 - drink 3+L of water a day ​GOAL 2 - walk 15 minutes a day ​GOAL 3 - cook for yourself everyday ​GOAL 4 - get 8+ hours of sleep every night ​GOAL 5 - exercise 1 hour, 4-5 times a week

​Write your goals down on a piece of paper and tape it to your wall or desk. Seeing your goals directly in front of you will trigger sensors in your brain and nervous system to get them accomplished! Setting goals and checking them off once accomplished is my favorite way to stay motivated. 3. REWARD YOURSELF

​Once you have accomplished some of your first goals, reward yourself! Savour the good things in life whether they are internal or external rewards. Like enjoying a nice healthy meal, taking a walk to absorb some sunlight or one of my favorite things to do... treat yourself to a new workout outfit! I find the cuter the active wear, the harder I train! ​Do you feel the same? Haha, rewarding yourself is a great way to stay motivated. Your body will get used to doing a workout and getting more endorphins afterwards! It will be an addicting feeling and will surely keep you on track. Remember, don't always reward yourself with tasty treats ;)​


Like I said earlier we've all been there! Hit a wall of no motivation. Your family and friends are there to make you happy, support you and keep you motivated. Don't ever forget it! I like to link up with friends at the gym, or make new ones while I'm there. Having someone with you to workout is a great feeling, you know you aren't alone and you both are in it together! Invite one of your best pals, create an awesome workout for the both of you and get it done! You will feel so motivated after that workout and will be ready to keep it up. ​5. CHECK ALL PROGRESS ​I have a feeling many people do this, they work so hard in the gym and eat well but when they look in the mirror to check their progress, they only check the areas they want to see smaller/ bigger and forget about the rest of their body. Are you guilty? I sometimes am! It's important to check ALL of your hard earned PROGRESS. From the definition in your back, arms and legs to your belly and butt. Look at your body in a beautiful way and be grateful for the progress you have made. ​To me, seeing progress is the one thing that gets me MOST MOTIVATED. When you see your results get motivated to want to keep it up and accomplish more! ​It's important to stay motivated! You can easily get off track once its gone.


If you need more advice or support finding motivation, please send me an email at

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