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Full Workout: Back

Did you know that building your upper back muscles can make the illusion of a smaller waist? The wider your upper back muscles are, the smaller your waist will look and give you a sexy back to waist proportion.

Strengthening your upper back muscles can also help build your biceps, triceps and chest. Don't be scared to build and hidden your back muscles, it won't necessarily make you look BIGGER.


Activation: Resistance Band Chest Pulls 25 x 4 reps (total 100 reps)


Superset: A1-A3 & B1-B3

A1. Underhand Bent Over Cable Row - 12 x 3

A2. Seated Row (V-Grip) - 12 x 3

A3. Bent Over Cable Row (V-Grip) - 12 x 3

B1. Underhand Close Grip Pull Down - 12 x 3

B2. Single Arm Bent Over Row - 12 x 3

B3. Kneeling Cable Face Pulls - 12 x 3

Leave a comment if you are going to try the workout!

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