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20 minute HIIT & Ab Workout

SUMMER IS HERE which means its time to kick it up a notch with my training!

This week I did a QUICK, crazy good booty building HIIT workout and incorporated some ab work along with it.

This workout is definitely a must try! Especially when the gym is busy/you don't go to a gym or you have little to no equipment. You don't need a gym membership or gym equipment to get a good effective workout.

The HIIT/home training program I have in my shop is for anyone who literally feels like what I just said above! Those who don't have access to a gym or exercises from home, for anyone who is new to exercise and intermediates to spice up there training and increase fat loss. Check out my shop for more information and all the details about my programs!

I included a few videos of some of the exercises in the workout. I hope you find them helpful and I hope you enjoy this workout XO




Treadmill, 10 minutes of interval running/sprinting

- 2 minutes speed walking, 2 minutes running/sprinting

Full body stretches before and after the workout.


30 seconds each exercise, repeat 4 times

A1. Medicine Ball Toss Burpee (video included)

A2. Reverse Crunches


30 seconds each, repeat 4 times'

B1. Squat In-Out Jumps

B2. Plank to Alternating Toe Touch (video included)


30 seconds each, repeat 4 times

C1. Kettle Bell Burpee (video included)

C2. V-Crunch


Repeat circuit 3 times.

A1. 20 second Plank Hold

A2. 20 second Plank Alternating Shoulder Taps (video included)

A3. 20 second Plank Alternating Arm Lifts (video included)



Medicine Ball Toss Burpee Kettle bell Burpee

Plank w/ Alternating Toe Tap Plank w/ Alternating Shoulder Tap + Arm Lift

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