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Is Dairy Causing Your Skin To Breakout?

A popular topic at the moment is what the effects are on your skin by drinking cow's milk and consuming dairy!

That is my skin pictured above when I consume dairy, specifically cow's milk.

The skin is the largest organ! Any toxins that come into the body which cannot be digested/eliminated through digestion or processed by the liver will come out through the skin. The skin takes the brunt of the toxins since it doesn't really have to do much.

There are several contributors to breakouts; like your what your eating, hormones and stress. Majority of the time it's inflammatory foods in your diet that causes a hormonal reaction or an inflammatory reaction.

This is why eating foods that are healthy and right for your body is so important!

Dairy is top of the list for inflammatory foods and causing the skin to react.


Heres a few reasons why dairy can possibly cause skin breakouts:

Dairy Contains Hormones.

Even organic dairy/milk contains natural hormones. Any extra hormones that are entering the body from food will cause hormone imbalance. Hormonal imbalance leads to acne!

Studies have shown there can still be up to 60 hormones in "hormone-free" organic milk.

When I consume dairy, the next day or within 48 hours I wake up with a red, inflamed and bumpy rash all around my mouth and nose. I have to completely eliminate it for 3-4 days for it to subside. Around the mouth and nose is where hormones and stress is located on the face map. Certain parts of your face will show what is going on internally.

To me this is almost common sense of why I have been breaking out only in one specific spot, specifically the spot where hormones are located not the face map!

Dairy Causes Inflammation.

Like I mentioned above, dairy is at the top of the list for inflammatory foods.

Dairy contains Whey and Casein, these are the 2 types of proteins that have been linked to inflammation.

Not to surprising that, these are the proteins which many people are sensitive to.

To battle inflammation and keep skin glowing, eat as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible! Like turmeric, ginger and healthy fats.

Dairy, Digestion & Skin Do Not Mix.

The main reason I decided to ditch dairy a few years ago was because it narrowed it down that it was making me bloat and breakout after every time I had it.

Ever since I eliminated dairy I haven't experience that breakout of inflammation around my mouth and nose. Thank goodness!

Dairy is a hard food group to digest and causes mucus formation in the gut. Not nice...

since the gut is the centre of our health. In order for your skin to be healthy, your gut needs to be healthy. The inflammatory response and mucus formation from dairy will NOT create a healthy gut. Ditch the dairy for the sake of your gut and skin!

Feed Your Skin.

To heal your skin you must feed and fuel your skin!

First step... eliminate dairy and any possible foods that can be causing inflammation.

(dairy, gluten)

My favourite choices for dairy free milk are almond milk, cashew milk and rice milk!

Second step... eat a diet rich in nutrients from greens, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, bend and legumes etc.

Third step... find skin products that work best for your skin.

I filmed my Skin Care Routine on YouTube on which products helped clear up my skin, watch and give a thumbs up!

PS. exciting news! My upcoming meal plans will all be DAIRY - FREE!

How do you know?

Do an elimination test!

Eliminate all possible sources of dairy from your diet or from your child's diet for at least 3 weeks - 1 month.

Reintroduce dairy in a small amount and wait for a possible reaction. It can take up for 48 hours for dairy sensitivities at start.

If you react with a skin breakout or rash, then I would recommend you completely avoid dairy form your diet.

If you react with digestive issues (bloating, gas, etc.), I recommend you avoid dairy from your diet or try taking a digestive enzyme with dairy example: yogurt or milk.

A digestive enzyme will provide you with the necessary enzymes needed to break down the protein and sugar in the dairy.

The only way you will truly know if dairy is the culprit for your skin breakouts, is if you eliminate it from your diet and see if the breakout disappears or subsides!

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