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I Need To Eat More Vegetables... But How?

Are you someone who doesn't like vegetables? Maybe your kids don't?

I think we all know someone, who HATES vegetables. No matter how they are prepared.

I have a couple friends, thats for sure. Hey Emily.. this ones for you!

The thing is.. vegetables are one of the best foods for you!

Vegetables are a very alkaline food, which means they balance the body's pH levels and decrease acidity. Decreasing acidity and keeping the body alkaline keeps your body functioning at an optimal level!

Eating alkaline foods can increase energy, support the livers detoxification process, improve digestion and not to mention - slow down the aging process. YAS!

Veggies contain fiber, phyto-nutrients and vitamins that can help prevent illness and fight disease.

Vegetables range in all colours, textures, sizes and flavours. They are the most fresh LIVELY foods that have the ability to heal and nourish your body!

SO if you don't consume enough vegetables, how can you start reaping all the benefits?

By using a concentrated greens powder! The amount of nutrients contained in a greens powder is the best way to ensure you are getting your daily intake of greens. Taking a greens powder is like taking a multi vitamin/mineral supplement.

In a greens powder you can find superfoods like spirulina, carrot, apple, broccoli, kale, beets, chia and a huge list of other amazing superfoods.

The foods are freeze dried through a special process which keeps the nutrient value present in the food. Buy your greens powder and/or supplements from a reputable company! Check the non-medicinal ingredients to ensure there are no other funky ingredients or fillers in there.. like magnesium sterate, corn starch and flours.

I personally use the product pictures below, since it has such an amazing ingredient list. Its sweetened with pure stevia to hide that earthy taste a greens powder can often have!

Genuine Health VEGAN greens+

Although as beneficial as a greens powder can be, I recommend trying to get your greens from WHOLE FOOD sources! Everyday, little by little, slowly add a vegetable or 2 to your plate. Make it a habit and it will become a lifestyle.

Here are a few recommendations of the most popular greens products I sell in the Health Food and Supplement store I work at!

Super Food Greens Powder Recommendations:

- Genuine Health, greens+

- Schinoussa, Sea Vegetables

- Garden of Life, Great Greens

- Progressive, VegeGreens

NOTE for pregnancy and breastfeeding women: some greens powder can contain herbs. Look at the ingredients and ask your health care practitioner if it is the right product for you.

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