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Healing Cacao Breakfast Oats

Dessert for breakfast but who's complaining

Cacao oats, leftover valentines treats + my all time favourite dark chocolate covered pumpkin seeds.

Cacao found in chocolate is such a powerful ingredient! In my opinion, it can even be used as a supplement for its mineral and nutritional content.

Cacao naturally contains a large amount of antioxidants!

You've probably heard this word everywhere in the health industry but do you know what AO's actually do?

Antioxidants neutralize/kill free radicals.

Free radicals are chemicals that float the body around causing inflammation and cellular damage.

Our bodies produce both of these chemicals on their own BUT simply put: the more antioxidants that you give your body, the stronger your cells will be and the more you'll be decreasing your risk of disease.

Cacao is a high source of minerals, especially magnesium which is actually one of the most common mineral deficiencies. And straight up one of the most important minerals. Used for hundreds of chemical reactions in the body, like muscle function and immunity.

It's my go to mineral for muscle cramps, headaches and that overall feeling of calm and relaxation.

FOR HEADACHES I swear by this: eat a piece of raw cacao chocolate (my favorite is @giddyyoyo) and feel your headache disappear within a matter of minutes.

Chocolate isn't just for pleasure friends, it's for health too!



- steel cut oats

- dairy free milk

- 2 tsp cacao powder

- 1 tsp cinnamon

- toppings: banana, shredded coconut, hemp hearts, more chocolate hehe!

Cook oats according to cooking directions.

Once cooked, put 1 serving (for yourself) in a separate bowl. Stir in a splash of dairy free milk, 2 tsp of cacao powder and 1 tsp cinnamon.

Top with extra superfoods like fruit, nuts and seeds!

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