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5 Ways to a Healthy Belly

Every woman wants to know what that secret is to a healthy toned belly!

These types of questions are constantly being like how do I get a flat stomach? How do I get rid of lower belly fat? Why is my stomach not changing after doing ab work? Well ladies you will never get a flat belly/abs what ever your desire by constantly doing sit ups. A healthy and toned belly will come to you by eating healthy whole foods and exercise.

I have found that the key to unlocking the toned belly is working on digestion, exercise and focusing on eating whole foods. When your digestive tract is out of balance it leads to your whole body being unbalanced as well. Our digestive tract has a mind of its own and I think some people out can vouch for that! When we rebalance our digestive tract it will promote a overall wellbeing feeling, it unclogs stored fat or mucus that has been congesting your body (which ultimately leads to helping eliminate stored belly fat)


5 Secrets...


Make a list of ways of how you will achieve your healthy belly. Choose 3 healthy lifestyle changes and master them! Here are 3 healthy belly tips to add to your list.


Exercise Exercise is critical to having a toned healthy belly! Try to go on a walk or run every day to boost your heart rate and ignite a fat burning process! Incorporate some ab exercises into your daily routine! Even 10 minutes before bed!

Don't eat past 8 pm What you eat at night will fuel you in the morning! Eating late at night especially fatty or salty foods is to be highly avoided when trying to achieve a toned healthy belly. The food you eat late will get stored as fat while you are sleeping! Brush your teeth after you eat dinner, you will not want to ruin your pearly whites by eating again!

No processed foods Processed foods have zero nutrients in it! When you consume these processed foods you are giving your body nothing to have to use as an energy source for metabolism and many other systems in the body!


Fiber is the holy grail when it comes to digestion! Adding fiber to your diet will help bulk up your stool to help avoid constipation and promote healthy bowel movements. Why is this important? When you are constipated or have infrequent bowel movements the food you eat will ferment and cause bloating and gas giving you a feeling of cramps or like you have a whale in your stomach!


This will help balance insulin and glucagon levels. (Blood sugar levels) When Insulin and glucagon are in a balance - a stored fat burning processes ignites. Balance your insulin and glucagon levels by avoiding refined sugar and carbs. Refined sugar and carbs has no nutrient value and drags your energy levels down! When someone is consuming refined sugar and carbs and there is no exercise involved - this is an equation for obesity or weight gain!


Eating whole foods provides you with enzymes, certain vitamins and minerals that our body cannot produce, fiber, complex carbohydrates and so much more! These enzymes help with digestion and elimination through the body. Whole foods have been essential to human life on this planet for hundreds and hundreds of years. Now we have moved into a boring unhealthy lifestyle by eating processed boxed foods at every meal. Moving away from agriculture has been detrimental to our bodies.


Eat 5-6 smaller meals every day. This is important because it boosts metabolism and balances blood sugar. The lower you keep your blood sugar, the lower you keep your insulin and insulin makes you store fat around your middle. So less insulin = less belly fat. Eating every three to four hours will keep your blood sugar stab;e, but many people tend to go five or six hours between lunch and dinner without eating which can lead to weight gain!

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