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Core Engagement & Full Glute Workout

Is It possible to achieve a toned defined belly without training abs?

YES, it is! The core is one of the main stabilizer muscles in the body. While you are exercising, walking and sitting - your core is in the middle of it all. How you use and engage your core in your exercises can completely change the strength and look of your core.


I want you to get up and actually TRY THIS - do 5 basic squat's. Stand with your feet hip width apart and squat down.

Now try it again, but picture yourself wearing a sleeve around your core tightening and engaging while you squat down, preform another 5 squats. Feel the difference?

Think about it... your core is the centre stabilizer muscle it gets engaged in every single exercise you perform. Like squats, deadlifts, rows, running, jumping jacks, even movements like a bicep curl and tricep dip. It flattens, tightens and stabilizes all the other muscles you are using.

If you are able to connect your mind to your core, not only the specific muscles you are using while you are exercising you will notice changes in how it looks, feels and the strength of it!

I had a 50+ year old client and one of our main goals for her was to reduce the size of her belly. Doing basic core exercises is not something I usually made her do, I got her to connect her mind to her core while she was training. A few months into our training she was down inches and she could fit into her old pair of jeans she loved but was never able to due up. She was so impressed by herself on how she was able to connect her mind to her muscles - not just simply be exercising to loose weight.

I'm not saying that you won't achieve similar results or a change in your core if you don't connect your mind to it. No matter how your train you can still see changes in your core and overall body composition.

MY EXPERIENCE: I often get asked what ab exercises do you usually do? I don't train my abs to often probably once a week - since I engage my core in every single exercise I preform. I personally find I have noticed amazing changes in my core's overall look and strength without training abs several times a week or overtraining them.

Take away message: Connect your mind to your core in every single exercise you preform, embrace it and squeeze it!

Comment below if you want to see this post as a YOUTUBE VIDEO!



12 reps x 4 sets each exercise

Superset each set

Post Workout Stretches: split squat, butterfly


A1. Reverse Lunges (30 lb DB at chest height)

A2. Cable Pause Squat


B1. Single Leg Deadlift (30 lb DB)

B2. Cable Deadlift


C1. Squat - Deadlift on risers (shown in video)

C2. In - Out Jump Squats on risers (shown in video)


Single Arm Overhead Squat (kettle bell)

My fitness programs come with a video explaining and showing how to engage your core while you are training and how to connect your mind to your muscle! Click the shop page to browse.

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