Pre & Post Workout Guidelines to Build Lean Muscle

In this post: Tips, Foods & Supplements to build lean muscle! We all know eating breakfast, lunch and dinner is essential but did you what you are eating pre and post workout is just as important! Macro and micro nutrients are what make our food. These nutrients are what satisfies your hunger, fuels your workouts + repairs and builds your body! Macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fat. Micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, other nutrients. For athletes and active people, timing these macro nutrients (pre and post workout) can give the body the fuel it needs to build desired muscle and recover more efficiently as best as your body possibly can! Everyones nutritional requirements are differen

20 minute HIIT & Ab Workout

SUMMER IS HERE which means its time to kick it up a notch with my training! This week I did a QUICK, crazy good booty building HIIT workout and incorporated some ab work along with it. This workout is definitely a must try! Especially when the gym is busy/you don't go to a gym or you have little to no equipment. You don't need a gym membership or gym equipment to get a good effective workout. The HIIT/home training program I have in my shop is for anyone who literally feels like what I just said above! Those who don't have access to a gym or exercises from home, for anyone who is new to exercise and intermediates to spice up there training and increase fat loss. Check out my shop for more in

Grow Your Glutes - MY WAY!

BOOTY BUILDING SCHOOL! In this post: My tips and guidelines as a trainer how to grow your glutes (rest, training + nutrition) A linked YouTube video with 5 of my favourite exercises to grow the glutes without building bulky muscle in the lower body! Building a booty doesn't happen overnight. It comes with hard work, consistency and patience! A year ago when it came to booty building, I thought I knew what I was doing, I thought I was building the booty I always dreamed of. But months and months past and I wasn't noticing significant results. Turns out I didn't really know how to properly train my glutes. Pushing myself endlessly at the gym and not gaining any real results... I became dedicat

Healthy Protein Pancakes

Pancakes done the right way can actually be a healthy, fulfilling and muscle building breakfast! Seriously, healthy or not - how can you not love pancakes?! There are a few tricks when it comes to making nutritious pancakes... - avoid processed white flour - avoid using mountains of maple syrup (like myself hehe) - you can't opt out maple syrup for coconut nectar which is lower on the glycemic index - substitute the animal products for plant based ones - add fruit and superfoods for nutrients - add plant based protein powder to ensure you are consuming all macro nutrients Making pancakes from scratch can be a little time consuming so in this recipe I am using GOGO Quinoa whole grain pancake






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