Full Workout: Hamstrings

Head to my Instagram page and watch my latest 2 videos to see how to properly preform the exercises! Warm Up: Start with 2 of your favourite glute activation exercises and repeat 3 times. Super Set: (no rest in between) A1. Single Leg Deadlift - 10 reps each leg A2. Deadlift Pulse with dumbbells - 12 reps A3. Hamstring Curl machine or bodyweight - 12 reps Repeat 3 times. Superset: B1. Modified Regular Deadlift with dumbbells - 10 reps each leg B2. Reverse Hamstring Curl - 12 reps B3. Single Leg Hip Thrust - 12 reps each leg Repeat 3 times.

Build a Buddha Bowl

Get yo Buddha on! Okay, but really what is a Buddha Bowl? This is an all mighty buddha bowl... A bowl filled with a delicious and nutritious variety of foods! A perfect way to eat a high volume of nutrients and eat your favourite fresh foods. I make these buddha bowls often since they can we whipped up fast with leftovers and there isn't a specific recipe or way to make it. You can choose colourful foods and use whatever you have available: - lots of vegetables - quinoa or rice is always a great choice for some density - pick a source of protein - make a dressing For the picture above I used: - baby kale and spinach salad mix - quinoa flavoured with turmeric (combined with chickpeas for vega

4 Ingredient Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

Pancakes are definitely one of my favourite treats for breakfast! You can still enjoy the foods you love (like pancakes and maple syrup) and adjust the ingredients for a healthier option. Just like these simple healthy protein pancakes which only require 4 plant based ingredients! Recipe: - 1 cup Bob's Red Mill Pancake/Waffle Mix you could also use 1 cup finely ground oats, oat flour or a healthy flour option of choice! - 1 very ripe banana, mashed - 1 tsp. chia seeds - 3/4 cup water optional: 1 scoop protein powder, vanilla extract for extra flavour. toppings: cinnamon, fruit, granola. 1. Mix the mashed banana with the water and chia seeds (the banana & chia seeds combined acts like an egg

Food & Factors That Contribute To Bloating

What is Bloating? Bloating is swelling in the stomach or intestines due to un-digested food that starts to ferment. Fermentation of food in the digestive tract causes bloating or tightening in the abdomen which can lead to cramps and gas. Having a weak digestive system can slow down the reactions needed in proper digestion. If your food is not being digested properly due to a weak digestive system you may be lacking in certain biochemical reactions that your body needs in order for proper digestion to happen. Stomach acid (HCL), bile and digestive enzymes are just a few of the necessary reactions that are going to break down your food and help with nutrient absorption and assimilation.

Homemade Healthy Salad Dressings

Holistic, Homemade & Healthy Are you sick and tired of the boring olive oil and balsamic vinegar? Have you ever taken the time to make your own salad dressing? ​Some packaged dressings are made with preservatives, genetically modified vegetable oils, food dye, flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners and are filled with empty calories, fat, salt and sugar. Now can someone please tell me why people think this is normal and healthy to put on top of their salads? Making dressings fresh at home with real, natural and pure ingredients is simple and the best and healthiest way to eat a salad! ​When making a salad dressing always keep a few things in mind: acidity, sweetness, salty and freshn

Full Workout: Glute & Legs

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! We are going to put all those yummy festive carbs to WORK during this glute focused workout. CARB IT UP! Carbs are essential for building muscle, especially the glutes. Try it out and let me know what you think by commenting on my most recent video. LOVE hearing your feedback. WORKOUT: 4 sets! A1. Single Leg Press 10 reps each leg A2. Single Leg Deadlift 10 reps each leg A3. Smith Machine Squat 12 reps reps B1. Hip Thrusts w/ Abduction 15 reps B2. Cable Reverse Lunge to Curtsey Lunge 10 reps each leg B3. Cable Wide Stance Squat 12 reps BURNOUNT: 3 sets! A1. Lateral Walks w/ mini band 12 reps each leg A2. Jump Squats w/ mini band 10 reps






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