Vegan Pancakes

Level: Easy - Length: 20 minutes - Serves: 2-3 RECIPE - 1 cup of organic buckwheat flour - 1 tbsp. vanilla - 1 1/2 tsp baking powder - 1 tsp baking soda - pinch of sea salt - 1 tsp cinnamon - 1 mashed banana - 1/2 almond milk (add more if the batter is not thick enough) 1. Add all dry ingredients into a bowl and mix until combined. 2. Add in wet ingredients and whisk until smooth! 3. Set in fridge for 5-10 minutes become putting on the stove. 4. Heat pancakes over medium heat until they are cooked through 5. Top with desired fruit and limit the maple syrup. I haven't met one person who doesn't like pancakes for breakfast! Pancakes are known to be a quick, unhealthy breakfast but how a

Should you be taking Turmeric?

What is Turmeric? Why is it so popular in the health food world? Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family, native to India and Southeast Asia. It's potent bright yellow colour makes it a distinguishable herb. Turmeric has been used for its health properties for thousands of centuries in ancient medicine. The main medicinal component in turmeric is: curcuma (curcumin) an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which has has powerful properties! You may have heard of this term called "inflammation" but what is it? Inflammation has been known to be a contributor to disease. Arthritis = inflammation of the joints Heart Disease = closely related to inflammation of the arteries Digestive Problems = cl

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Savoury Vinaigrette

The title may seem slightly bleh, but can I just say BOOM I am not Brussel sprouts biggest fan after trying something similar to this recipe in a restaurant! This recipe isn't necessarily the most healthiest way to eat this vegetable but it's in my opinion its one of the most delicious ways to eat them. It's the type of side dish you can quickly whip up if your having friends or family over. They'll truly be impressed by how amazing you recreated the "usually turned down" vegetable! BRUSSEL SPROUTS: - 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of Brussels sprouts (cut according to your liking, for the size I had I cut them in half) - 2 tbsp olive oil Spread the Brussel sprouts on a baking sheet. While you are making

Keto Diet Breakdown

The ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat diet. Eating KETO means avoiding foods with sugar, including carbohydrates since carbs are digested as a form of sugar - glucose. How does the Ketogenic Diet work? We know that when we eat sugar our hormone insulin rise and our blood sugar levels spike. When these levels are constantly elevated the food we eat is much more easily stored as body fat aka. weight gain and fat gain. When carbohydrates (glucose) is limited or cut out of the diet, the body goes into a state where it burns fat instead of sugar (stored in the liver). This process is called KETOSIS and whats amazing about this process is most people can quickly lose body fat and weight. How?






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